Traveling is Good for the Soul

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” --St. Augustine Traveling is good for you all-around-- mind, body, and spirit. When you travel, you open your  mind up to new possibilities and experiences that you may have never seen before if you stayed...

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4 Reasons To Lead A Retreat

Establish Yourself as An Industry Leader Ready to take your business to the next level? A retreat is a great way to extend your fitness business to another realm. Leading a retreat will allow you to establish yourself as a true leader, both inside and outside of the gym or...

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Retreat Planning 101: Are You Considering a Retreat?

Retreats are all the rave now and with good reason, as they provide many benefits to the participants and leaders alike. And while organizing and leading a retreat appears to be an obvious match for many once the planning begins they often realize that the nitty gritty details and logistics...

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Sun. Laughter. Fitness. Delicious Food ... Does Any Of This Sound Enticing?

Someone told me once to write from the heart. That comes easy to me, but writing well, that’s another story! Practice makes perfect, right? Oh shit, there is no such thing as perfect. Okay, let me try again… I'm Katherine, co-founder (along with my sister, Molly) of 360Retreats. I am...

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It’s a Retreat and Travel Company!

It’s here!!! Our new baby is born! We are excited to present 360Retreats to you! 360Retreats is a combination of our passion for Mexico, travel, cuisine, fitness and so much more.  We have been working hard (and having a blast) to find just the right places for you to fuel...

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